Friday, July 07, 2006

Moving to San Francisco Announcement

I don't like them. You don't like them. However, they are a necessary evil. It's mass e-mail time. Luckily, it's been a long time since you've probably gotten one from me.

Today, I'm going to break news that is going to shock and amaze you all. Kelly and I are moving to San Francisco. As I'm sure everyone knows by now, I've had an amazing 30 year streak of not being outside of a 12 mile radius of Waltham, MA for more than two weeks. (It actually might even be a radius of 10 miles and as few as 10 days, but I'm building in a margin of error).

There are a great number of events that set the ball in motion. The largest being that Kelly got a promotion to survey a large portion of the west coast region of Medicare or Medicaid's nursing home pharmacists. (Kelly, I know I got that wrong, but it's a pretty good attempt). From my point of view, my own position isn't going in the direction that I had envisioned almost 2.5 years ago. San Francisco has a big advantage of basically being the capital of software engineering.

I know you are thinking that you are rid of us forever. You don't get out that easily. We are going to make every effort possible to come back in two years. It seems the military does not make too many guarantees that a certain position will be available in a certain area at a certain time. However, it does look like the odds are good that a suitable position opens up every year or so. I'm sure a lot of you think that no one comes back from California and that may be true. I can only say that we are intending to keep both our condos, which should draw us back.

Other details:
- We are leaving to head out sometime late August or very early September
- We plan on keeping the same phone number (thanks Vonage)
- If you know someone looking to rent a two bedroom condo in Framingham, let me know.
- If you have any good technology job connections in San Francisco, let me know. I have a good start already, but more options never hurt.
- I'm sure I'm going to miss a couple of key pieces of information that should be in this e-mail. For that reason, I'll keep a list and possibly send out another mass e-mail a month or so from now, when details are more finalized. And unfortunately you'll probably get one more when we actually have an apartment (hence a new address), I have a job, etc.

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