Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Wedding Website!!

Macy's Department Stores gave us a wedding website on the . So here it is!

Check it out!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Brian found a job !

Brian started his new job last week and so far he seems to like it. He works at a place called 4INFO which allows you to get information on your cell by sending a text message. They are noted on top left corner of nearly every section of the USA Today. Brian decided to meet people he would wear his Patriots sweatshirt to start up converation and it worked! Tonight we are going to a "cell phone club." It is a club for people to work in cell phone innovation to meet and swap ideas. It sounds nerdy to me, but I go to pharmacy meetings.
This weekend I officially became a Nevada resident. Every military member has the opportunity to become a resident of state other than the one they reside in. Since we were driving through Nevada when we moved out here and an old neighbor of mine lives in Reno, it made the process a lot smoother. We loved our time in Lake Tahoe so much on our way out here that I bought the Protect Lake Tahoe liciense plate so money will go the preservation of the lake. Brian and I ended up having a really nice weekend in Reno. The weather is really nice, sunny, 70 degrees.
That is the news for now!

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