Thursday, May 17, 2007

What to buy

If anyone is wondering, Brian and I really need some decent sheets, when I moved in with Brian, he had a Queen size bed and my full bed went to Cristina and so did all my sheets. Brian and I have white sheets right now that are almost 10 years old, so new bedding would be great.

If people would like to purchase our flatware pattern

When Brian bought his condo, he bought Yamazaki "solari" flatware pattern. My cutlery was from Building 19, so I chucked it. Yamazaki Solari has now been discontinued, however it ours is still nice. So on I asked for all the additional flatware items that Brian wouldn't need as a bachelor and two weeks ago the line was discontinued. So if anyone was looking to buy us flatware, here is the website. We have service for 8.


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